Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Lost Control

Okay, so the consignment sale kicked off yesterday for a few select shoppers and I went a little nuts. Okay, not a little - I went a lot nuts and well....lost control! I couldn't help myself!

This is what I got for Beth:

See, I told you I lost control. Let's see....2 pairs of The Children's Place tights, one ballerina dress-up dress (for a Christmas gift), 2 gymnastics leotards, 2 pairs of shoes, a coat, a Kentucky T-shirt, a Tommy hooded sweater, a Childrens' Place hooded shirt, 2 piece pink Hartstrings outfit, several Holiday shirts & sweaters, including one 2-piece outfit from Miss-Tee-V-Us, several other The Children's Place outfits, Gap kakki pants, Old Navy kakki pants, jeans with pink sparkles (Beth's choice), a pink cordoroy skirt and a Disney Princess Dance DVD with dance mat. WHEW!!!

This is what I got for Sarah:

Okay- most of these are 2-piece outfits. All of them are, in fact. Blue and yellow from Carters, light pink pants and zip up hoodie top, hot pink kitty cat outfit (brand?), LeTop lavendar and white snowman outfit, Gymboree lavendar/pink/green argile sweater and leggings, blue and orange Gobble Gobble T'Giving outfit, light pink tea-cup Marimeko (sp?) outfit, 2 piece cat/mouse denim/hot pink outfit (brand-I can't remember), and a pink/black/white zebra outfit by Fisher Price. Two Little people sets- one school bus and one purple car, an Elmo Book, an Animals book, 2 wooden peg puzzles and a sit and spin - all of which are for Christmas, so nobody show Sarah this picture!

And my major score of the night - for $15:

WOO HOO! FIFTEEN BUCKS and it is practially BRAND NEW - looks BARELY used!! I looked it up online and basically the EXACT SAME THING is selling at Toys-R-Us for $120!! WOW! We will keep it inside for Sarah (and Beth) to entertain themselves throughout the cold months...or anytime, really. I figure as long as I keep it inside, when we are finished with it, I can probably resell it at the Sale for the same amount- $15! The original plan was to give it to Sarah for Christmas, but honestly, where was I going to keep it till them and I just knew that Sarah would LOVE it and use it NOW. My little monkey played and played on it this morning - going up and down 20 times or more. She is SOO impressed with herself. WELL worth the $15.

Okay- so the total for everything you see above was $181, BUT HERE'S THE GOOD NEWS. Since I'm a committee member AND I have a TON of stuff that I am selling in the sale, I don't "pay" till the end. Once the sale is over and they calculate how much I SOLD and how much money I made off my sales, then I either owe them a check for the difference or they owe me a check for the difference. I figure if I sell 1/2 the bows I made and the majority of the other stuff I brought to sell, I'll break even and not have to write a check at all. I may still make some money. I calculated that if I sell all the bows I made, I will make around $250, but I'm realistic and know that they won't all sell. But I still think I'll either break even or they will still owe ME money! COOL, HUH!?!?


Leia said...

When did you start making bows? I want to see!!!

Congrats on all the great finds! I'm jealous that you have such a nice sale each year...I should start something like that here.