Friday, October 5, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We're back from Indy. It was a nice vacation and it was fun to see our old stomping ground and old friends. The town is growing and our old "subburb" is REALLY booming with lots of new retail and restaurants. I shopped for 4 days while Bob went to his seminar. I tried to get most of my Christmas shopping done for the girls...and I think I just about did. I'm going to wait to finish up Beth's shopping after she gives me her "list," but I think Sarah is DONE with the exception of a few items - probably books. There is a new Gymboree store in Greenwood, so I was able to redeem my Gymbucks at the store instead of online, which was a GOOD thing! I think I was in the store for at least 45 minutes! Oops! But I got Beth 2 cute outfits for the fall/winter!

We picked up Sarah last night, but Beth is still in Florida until Saturday or Sunday...not sure what day they are coming home, yet. I'd forgotten how EASY it is with just one kid around the house! Its so weird....and quiet!!

This weekend is going to be relatively low-key I think. Bob is going fishing and I may or may not take Sarah to the apple orchard. Its supposed to be HOT, so I'm not sure that is the best idea. Next weekend is MSU Homecoming and the weekend after that we go see UK play Florida in Lexington! It will be Sarah's first BIG BLUE experience! We're trying to get her pumped up and even taught her the Wildcat growl! Hehehehe!


Leia said...

Welcome home! Can you explain Gymbucks to me?? I'm interested, but have no idea how to start. I'm jealous you are almost done shopping....Dee only wants panties for Christmas....I think I'll have to whip out a toy catalog! ;)