Monday, October 8, 2007

Is it Seriously October??

I have lots to say today! (Leia - see post below)! We had a nice calm weekend....partly because we all just needed some down time, partly because Beth was too exhausted to get off the couch after her 8-day escapade in Florida and partly because Sarah came down with the 24-hour "Bug" on Saturday night.

Like most of the midwest and southeast, we are wondering "is this really October?" It was 90 degrees this weekend and again today....and HUMID, too. It feels much more like August. In fact - I don't think I've EVER been able to take a picture like this in October:

That was Sarah on Saturday (before the bug hit). She played in the water for about 30 minutes, then tootled around the yard for a while before it got just TOO hot to be out anymore.

And I'm glad I ran into a short sleeve Halloween shirt for Beth...might be all she gets to wear this year!

It felt very strange putting up fall/Halloween decorations this weekend when it was 90 degrees...something about that just isn't right! BUT, the good news is that by next weekend, we'll be in the low '70's again! YEAH! Maybe we WILL get a fall, afterall!

*I'll put up a few pictures of Beth in Florida later this week!


Katie said...

gosh! that is crazy how warm it is. we went sledding/skiing this weekend, (just the kids, the resort still isn't open) it sounds like you guys had a great time in indy! good to be home though? sarah is getting so big and still cute! beth too!!

Leia said...

Insane weather isn't it! Yesterday was the first day we could turn our A/C off here! It was in the low 60's today and it was LOVELY! Crazy swimsuit photo though! I remember Halloween day in 2000 it was 80ยบ here!