Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Beth's Trip to Florida with Grammy & Dandaddy

As I have made reference to these last several weeks, Beth got to go on her own little vacation with her Grammy & Dandaddy! This is the 2nd time I've let her go by herself and both times have gone very smoothly. I'm not sure she even missed us! She was gone a total of 8 days, too! Here are some of the pictures my mom took....

This is Beth proudly holding the hermit crab she sadly didn't survive the week.

One of her favorite things to do in Destin is to feed the seagulls popcorn. You can see from this picture that those dang birds follow her around like puppies when she is holding the popcorn bag!

The below picture was taken the Thursday night of the UK v. South Carolina game (we lost - bummer), but notice the brown boots! I had asked mom to take her to the Stride Rite outlet to get her feet sized and she came out with these boots and mom said she INSISTED on wearing them to dinner that night....whatever, right? Nothing cuter than a pink shirt, pink shorts and brown suede boots! Hehehehe - reminds me of that McDonalds' commercial where the little girl wears boots, a big hat and a feather boa to McD's.....

The last day they were there, I think Beth was "done" with the beach & sand, so they took her to the Gulfarium in Ft. Walton. Here she is petting starfish.
It all makes me a little jealous since I love it down in Destin! BUT, I know she is building great memories by herself!

Next on our October agenda: MSU Homecoming and cousin David's family dinner! :-)