Monday, October 8, 2007

So what exactly ARE Gymbucks, you ask?

Good question! I love the store Gymboree...not only because of the coordinating lines of adorable clothing (most of the time), but really because their clothes hold up GREAT! The stuff that Sarah is just now outgrowing that has been worn by Beth and Sarah still looks great!! It doesn't fade and I've NEVER had an issue with holes, rips, etc....its just basically all around great clothing. That being said, I REFUSE to and I have NEVER paid full price for anything Gymboree. Ever. I wait for the lines to go at least 40% off before I buy anything...or if I get a coupon in the mail or whatever. The last round that I bought, I had a 20% off coupon, ON TOP OF THE ONLINE SALE they had going on, which was an extra 20% off everything on sale. I got a ton of spring/summer things for Beth and a few fall things for both girls. I think I got a total of 12-15 items all together and paid around $62.

Okay - so Gymbucks.....a few times a year, they offer Gymbucks. So, for ever $50 you spend at the store or online during that time (its usually a 3-4 week period), you earn $25 in Gymbucks towards a $50 purchase. So - if you buy $62 in clothing like I did, you earn $25 in Gymbucks. Spend $100, get $50 in Gymbucks; spend $150 and get $75 in Gymbucks....and so on and so on. Then a few weeks later, they have Gymbucks Redemption time, which TYPICALLY coincides with a release of a big line (like Christmas or their first Summer line). You only have about a week to redeem the Gymbucks, so inventory usually goes FAST during this time. Its their own little inventory reduction sale. To redeem the Gymbucks, you have to spend twice the amount of the Gymbuck (before tax). Its BASICALLY just like getting 50% off anything in the store. So...I hit the 40% off Sale stuff and used my Gymbucks for that. I spent RIGHT at $55 or so after redeeming my $25 in Gymbucks, I only paid $30 for 2 complete outfits that would have normally cost well over $100 at full price. Make sense?


Leia said...

OH I get it now! You must get receipts or something in the store then during Gymbucks time? Fun....I'll have to watch for that!

Katie & Bob said...

Yes, you get a little "Gymbuck" they staple to your reciept - whether it be the online reciept or in-store reciept and you have to KEEP that reciept, too! It is fun - like "free money!"