Monday, October 22, 2007

Lessons learned from having TWO children...and other observations from a weekend in Lexington....

I have a LOT to say & lots of pictures, to hang in there with me for a while.

We got back from Lexington late yesterday afternoon and we are all WORN out. I haven't witnessed the girls as cranky as they were yesterday in a LONG time. I can't entirely say I had a FUN weekend, because that is just not the word I would use....I had a HAIRY weekend is more like it! So, this is what I learned this weekend:

1) Tailgating with one child is a piece of cake, no matter her age. Tailgating with two is CRAZY! And add 35 fraternity boys on top of that, plus about 8-10 additional adults and you get it. It was insane. Also - note to self - NEVER EVER EVER start tailgating at 10:00 a.m. for a 3:30 game - NO MATTER WHAT!

2) Taking a small child INTO a football game isn't easy, but it isn't hard. At least ONE person gets to watch the game, while the other one entertains. Taking TWO into a football game is a "whole new ballgame" in itself. Add a serious case of the "tireds," plus the heat of the scorching afternoon sun and you've got TWO miserable children. That would equal two miserable adults. I don't think I watched two consectutive plays the entire time we were there.

3) Two tired children + one stroller = problems.

4) Leaving at halftime and watching the rest of the ballgame in the hotel room = the best idea we'd had all day!
5) They'd much rather go to the Kentucky Horsepark!!
6) Getting a picture with all four of us is next to impossible. IMPOSSIBLE.
7) No matter how big of deal you make, a 4 year old will never understand "engagement." Oh yeah...did I mention my brother is engaged?!?!?! YIPPEE!!! Information to follow in the next few days/weeks.....

Okay - so let me recap the things that Beth LOVED about the weekend:
1) getting to throw peanut shells on the floor at Logans. WOW!
2) getting to go swimming in the COLD hotel pool.
3) throwing ALL the bed pillows on the floor and jumping into them over and over again.
4) eating a chocolate "muffin" for breakfast.
5) eating a cinnamon roll for breakfast.
6) running up and down the hotel hall.
7) visiting all the horses at the Ky Horsepark (i.e. pony ride!) and the playground.

and finally...
8) getting a new coloring book!
Later this week....Ky Horse Park 2004 vs. 2007........ and "How many 'Hands' Tall are Sarah & Beth?"


Katie said...

you crack me up. i totally hear you though. two is different once both are moving. congrats to brian and soon-to-be mrs.

Leia said...

Where do you find the girl's cheer outfits? I've found some on E-bay before, but wondered if you had more resources! Your weekend sounds exhausting! Congrats to your Brother!