Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas in Murray

Round one of Christmas was last night in Murray and that is always fun! We enjoyed seeing Gramma, Papaw, Aunt Becky, Uncle Tracy, Chase and Jessica! The girls were wonderful and enjoyed watching "Rockin' Santa - A Wiggles Christmas" on the way there! (FINALLY - Sarah will watch the DVD's in the car!) Everyone got what they wanted and the girls have been having fun today playing with their new toys....although Sarah would rather be playing with all Beth's new toys, but that really isn't any different than any other day.

Beth got Cinderella from Gramma - thank goodness! Its going in the Disney Vault in January!

Sarah got the Little Mommy doll (the one I wrote about earlier that looks just like her!) Its crazy - its like they used a picture of Sarah to create the doll! Her Aunt Becky (and crew) also gave her a doll, which she is currently taking a nap with!

(other new doll seen in this picture)
Bob and his nephew, Chase, cheesing it up!
By the way, have I mentioned that Bob got a new job? He will continue being the Facilities Engineer at the plant, but he will now take on all the Safety stuff, too, which is his specialty, basically, he has two jobs and a slightly higher salary, so yeah! He just has to work more hours now...which means lots of Saturdays, unfortunately. But, a promotion is a promotion and more hours are expected, so its okay. We're proud of him!


Katie said...

yay, Bob! Merry Christmas Eve.
Love, The Vincents

Sara said...

Merry Christmas