Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Special Day

Beth's Nursery School "Special Day" was yesterday. We spent the morning at her Grammy's house reading the Grinch, eating who-pudding and making a few Christmas crafts. The weather was also nice enough to go on a "bear hunt" outside. Any excuse to get kids outside this time of the year is a good excuse!

Getting ready to read "God Knows Your Name"

Singing to Beth

Eating "Who-pudding"

And Going on a Bear Hunt:

And lastly - the ornaments the kids made (and recipe to follow in case you would like to make your own!

Baker's Clay
1/3 Cup water (more if too dry)

1/2 Cup salt

1 Cup flour

Mix all ingredients until a dough forms.
Add more water if too dry.
Separate and add food color if desired.

Roll out and use cookie cutters to make ornaments
If you'd like to keep your creations, bake at 275 degrees, for 1 hour.
Varnish, if desired, once cooled.
Insert ornament hooks before baking (or poke a hole to tie a ribbon through later).

***Sorry about the odd look and formatting of this post - I've tried and tried to fix it with no success!