Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why the Craziness?

Why do we insist on making this time of year crazy? I mean really...why? Just over the last 7 days, I have:

Made 5 doz chocolate mint cookies for a cookie swap.
Attended cookie swap.
Made 2 doz choc. reindeer cookies before I decided I didn't like them and didn't make the other 4 doz cookies!
Made 8 bags full of Chocolate Pretzel treats for gift giving.
Ordered 4 additional gifts from on-line retailers.
Ran to nearby town for additional "in store" shopping. Wasn't very successful!
Wrapped 6 more gifts.
Taken both girls for haircuts, which is always a fiasco!
Went to Church.
Painted 9 additional clay ornaments for gift giving tags.
Hosted Beth's special day, which required getting 2 different crafts ready for 15 kids and making 15 cups of homemade "who" pudding.
Going to Walgreens with photo memory card and spending over an hour trying to print pictures!
Decided on 2 more recipes to make for cookie tray gifts - fudge and Oreo Balls and buying the ingredients.
Took Beth out to lunch yesterday.
Got my car's oil changed.
Oh...does cooking dinner each night count? (except last Sat/Sun)
Oh - did I mention Bob was out of town for two days during this? And also not home Sunday (Titan's NFL game with my dad)?

For the next 2 weeks, I fully expect just as much craziness, but it will get nuttier the closer to Christmas we get! Beth's Christmas pageant is next week, which requires making/getting an "Inn Keepers" costume for her, as well as providing a fresh fruit plate/dip for the reception after! Our office party is next week...and that will require coordinating lunch for 7 people and the gift exchange. Oh, and B'fast with Santa is this Saturday, following by an evening Nativity at my parent's church, that Beth really wants to go to. And we promised we take her out one night this week to go look at Christmas lights around town. The Scholastic Book Warehouse sale is also next Mon-Wed and I REALLY do want to go to that! Hum....and I'm still not finished Christmas shopping, but at this point, I'm all about doing it all online. In fact - I still need to order Sarah's gift from me ,too!
I LOVE this website:
Their dress-up clothes are really nice and wearable, MUCH better than the actual Disney brand dresses! And they ship free! I'm getting the girls matching Cinderalla dresses.

Sheesh...I'm tired.....


Katie said...

It is a busy time. I can only imagine adding in school agendas. Stay rested and healthy! Love the new pictures.

Leia said...

You make me tired lady!