Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bibbity Boppity Boutique

The Bippity Boppity Boutique (BBB) is a very new concept at Disney. The first one was built inside the giant World of Disney store in Downtown Disney. the next one was built inside Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom. It is a "full-service" hair and beauty salon for little girls to be transformed into princesses. You can pick from just hair; hair, nails & make-up; or the works - hair, nails, make-up, dress and accessories (for whopping $150 or something crazy like that!). We opted for the hair, nails and make-up only at the BBB inside the castle and Beth wore her OWN dress. We got there late...we were pretty much late for everything! We had to wait about 15 minutes then a "fairy godmother-in-training" took Beth off to her chair and started the transformation. Beth got to choose which hair style she wanted and then the fairy godmother-in-training went to work. I've never seen so much glitter hairgel in my life. Beth hardly cracked a smile during the whole hair process- these may perhaps be the ONLY smiles I captured on film:

She DID like the make-up and nails.
I wish I could have chosen to do those two things only. That would have been a bigger hit. Beth wasn't thrilled with her hair and neither was I. It just wasn't cute. It has entirely too much gel and gunk in it. It was slicked back and its just not a cute look for Beth.
Beth was asking for her hair to be washed by the time we got back to the hotel. She did, however, LOVE LOVE LOVE the crown that was in her hair, and I had to fix her hair so she could wear that darn crown for the next 3 days.
My opinion moms, is forego the BBB and just spend the $10 or so in one of numerous stores that sells that tiara and fix your own daughter's hair! The BBB was crowded and noisy and expensive. I do not think it was money well spent and I think it was a complete waste of time and money. I booked a reservation thinking Beth would see all the other little girls with their hair all done up and BEG to have her's done too...but she NEVER made a comment about any other little girl's hair, the entire time. I don't think she would have even known it existed if I hadn't made such a fuss. I thought this would absolutely be something she would love doing - she just wasn't impresses and neither was I.

Seriously moms- I don't recommend it. Buy the small tiara in the store and make your own little princess in your hotel room. All Beth wanted to do was wear her dress to the Park anyway, so that was the most exciting thing for her - she could have cared less about the hair.


Leia said...

Poor Beth looks thrilled ;) My BIL did the WHOLE boutique thing...holy crap!