Monday, February 4, 2008

Magic Kingdom & Epcot

We spent a few hour our first day at Magic Kingdom, all morning/early afternoon the second day and dinner/night the third day. It was all jumbled up because of dinner reservations I had at Chef Mickeys & 1900 Park Fare the 1st and 2nd nights. ANYWAY - Magic Kingdom is HUGE. TWICE as much to do there as all the other parks, especially with young ones. We could have easily used another 1/2 day there. I think next time we'll plan for 2 "full" days there and I'll try to make our dining reservations for places inside the park - like Crystal Palace or Liberty Tree Tavern. We did everything Beth wanted to do - Space Mountain, The Indy Speedway, Pooh's ride, Peter Pan, The Teacups, Dumbo, Cinderella's Carosel, Alladin's Magic Carpet, Jungle Cruise, Swiss Family Robinson's Treehouse, Pirates of the Carribean (okay, I was the one who wanted to do this one - Beth was hesitant!), the Train, Small World, Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor and Mickey's Philamagic - I'm sure I'm missing something, but I just can't think! I could have skipped a few of those. I had high expectations for the Laugh Floor, but it was....okay. Cute and interactive, but not my favorite. I really liked Mickey's Philamagic 3D show. It was the first thing we did and it kinda kicked off the experience! We also managed to miss every single parade, but did catch part of the afternoon parade at Magic Kingdom before we left for naps! We also caught the fireworks twice - once from the observation deck at The Contemporary and once from FantasyLand inside MK.

Beth & Bob on the Teacups:

Firework over the Castle:

On Cinderella's Carousel:

EPCOT (Experimental Prototyple Community of Tomorrow) was just like I remembered it - not my favorite, as far as "rides" go, but beautiful!

I had REALLY high expectations for Nemo and the Sea's ride, but holy cow was this a total bummer. I was HIGHLY disappointed as the "ride" didn't do anything but take you through a tunnel with a bunch of fish aquariums and one BIG aquarium and they've superimposed Nemo and his friends into those aquariums. Total waste of time. HOWEVER, Turtle Talk with Crush was ADORABLE!!! Beth LOVED it, as did I. Do this even if you don't do the ride.

Beth also likes Spaceship Earth (inside the big ball!). They've updated it and its very cool. She also liked a few of the exhibits after you get off the ride. MY favorite and Bob's too, was Test Track...a new "speed" ride sponsored by GM. This was REALLY neat - be sure to "fast pass" this ride, though!
I think that is all we did. We skipped Soarin and the spaceship rides, as Bob and I get rather "ill" with simulators like those. If we hadn't had Beth with us, I could have spent a whole day in the Countries of the World part of Epcot (enjoying good food in China or a margaritta in Mexico!). But I think Beth would have been bored. We also never got a chance to see Illuminations Fireworks, which I've heard is awesome! We were able to catch a glimpse at them from our resort, though! I also got a chance to finally eat a chocolate covered frozen banana in Epcot - one of my favorite treats at Disney World! We also hit a few things in one of the Innovations buildings. Beth and Bob liked it - I was bored silly. I'm not a fan of "exhibits and experiments". Too much like a museum. Anyway, this was a 1/2 day park for us, but COULD have been a full day one. I think it depends on your kids and how much they are "into" science and physics and such.
Some good pic's of Beth from places around Epcot:


Leia said...

I've heard they updated SE. Can't wait to see that! Epcot is our favorite - it's where we got engaged (during Illuminations). We just like walking around the countries there - it's so beautiful and festive. Epcot is where Delphina got 99% of her Princess autographs, cause Cinderella doesn't leave the castle. ;)