Thursday, February 21, 2008

Crazy Week Coming Up!

Well, Kids Closet set-up officially starts tomorrow and kicks in FULL GEAR on Sunday with a few days of getting ready, private sales on Wed/Thurs and then the public sale starts a week from tomorrow. Its always a very crazy week...and the ribbon I ordered to make an additional 20 or so bows has not arrived yet, so on top of the crazy days next week, I'll be busy finishing bows at nighttime to have them ready by next Wed. AUGH! Oh- and did I mention that Bob will be out of town at a Safety convention of some sorts. He'll be back Wednesday - just in time for my birthday. :-)

Beth goes back for her Strep Throat re-check tomorrow and does NOT want to go. She hated the throat swab....I don't blame her. Sarah is finally not snotty! Yeah...but for how long? THAT is the ultimate question! One of the kids ALWAYS gets sick during Kids I wonder who will be next week?

There is really not that much else to report. Its been a cold, icy day and I'm so ready for spring!


Katie said...

I was just thinking about how much I loved your new (previous) layout! This ones nice too.

Good luck this busy week!