Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bikes, Trikes and an Upcoming Project

Yesterday was GORGEOUS outside and of course the girls wanted to be outside. So, they burned off some steam by playing in the driveway. Beth is a speed demon on her bike, but refuses to let us take off her training wheels. That is my goal for this summer - to get them off her bike by the time school starts.

Sarah THINKS she is big enough for Beth's old tricycle, but bless her heart, her little legs are just still too short. She totally has the process down and would be off and away if she could reach the pedals, but nope. Bob helps her by giving the trike a push and she can reach the pedal closet to her when they spin around and kicks it she is TRYING to really pedal it. She needs about another 2 inches of heighth before she can REALLY do it.

Our upcoming project is the dreaded "L" word - LANDSCAPING. Ugh. We ripped out every shread of landscaping on the front of our house last spring with the intention of replanting early fall. We had such a horrible summer drought last year, that fall was anything but optimal for planting, So, here we are, needing to get it done ASAP. Its a HUGE project and I have no idea where to start. I have a few ideas in mind regarding the placement of tall vs. short shrubbery, but I also want color year round. So, we will be doing lots of evergreen shrubs, like yews, boxwoods and spruce, but I also want to do some things that are pretty in the spring/summer/fall like azaleas, hibiscus, burning bushes and maybe some golden euonymus. If you have any experience with landscape design, take a shot at this and let me know what you recommend!
Little bare, isn't it!?!

And I'll close with this picture of Sarah from yesterday. She was filthy and completey 100% happy and I like the picture!


Leia said...

Oh poor Miss Sarah! She needs some long legs huh? LOL! :) Beth really does look like she zooms all over the place! Very cool! I am awful with landscaping, but my FAVORITE is a nice lilac bush. So beautiful, and they can get really big!