Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wedding pictures

My camera picked last night to completely die on me. Not only did the batteries die, but so did the autofocus and the speed setting. So, the result was FAR LESS pictures than I had intended. I think I may have only gotten 1, maybe 2, worth keeping of Bryan & Erin. I only got a few worth keeping of the girls, too. Neither one of the girls would STOP long enough to be still for a picture. They both danced their heart out at the reception - and I missed some major photo ops, but oh well. I'm hoping the photographer got a few good ones!

*Note- Sarah Katherine did NOT make it down the aisle with her hair wreath on. She did make it down with a small bow in her hair, though, and she looked cuter, in my opinion, than she did with the hair wreath. Beth complained about her's "attacking" her all night! I finally took it off as soon as she sat down after doing her flower girl thing!

*Sarah wouldn't cooperate or be still for a family picture, so that is why she is not pictured here.
*This is Bryan & Erin, my new sister-in-law!!
*The girls dancing!


Melissa said...

They look so beautiful!!! Such pretty dresses, too.

And Katie, Beth looks JUST like you in that first pic!

Katie said...

Congratulations, Erin and Brian!
We had such a lovely time. Everything was just right and beautiful. Your girls looked perfect and precious. I loved their dresses.

I wish we could have gotten together but with River's mysterious 23 hour sickness along with a very busy time for you... next time for sure. Sa looked so good. We went to Aunt Rose Marie's house too!