Thursday, May 15, 2008

The End of an Era - Nursery School

Beth's last day of Nursery School was today (or better known to some people as Preschool). She said to me this morning that "tomorrow she was going to be a Kindergartner." Yep - I guess she's right! In keeping with tradition, I like to take a picture on her last day of school, so I can compare the first day of school vs. the last day of school and see how much she has grown and changed! It always makes me smile!! So - here it is - first day vs. last day.

1st day - September 1, 2007

Last day - May 15, 2008
First day:
Last day:
Pictures will be forthcoming of Beth's End-of-School Play/Musical tonight...."Nursery School Musical, The One and Only." (its a play off of Highschool Musical, if you didn't pick up on that)


Leia said...

Her hair got darker! She's really changing! Thanks for the photo idea - I actually wrote a post-it note so I would remember to do the same :)

Sarah said...

That is a very cute photo idea! I take the 1st day of school, but I will have to do the last day starting next week and definitely in elementary school. She is so cute and has definitely changed!