Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day Fun

On Sunday, Bob wanted to celebrate Father's Day by taking the whole family to the lake on the boat...something that hasn't been done since Sarah WAS BORN. Eek! He's taken Beth lots of times, but all four of us haven't been on the boat ever. So, off we went on Sunday afternoon after the girls took naps. After we got the boat in the water and the girls strapped into their life vest, we took a speedy ride to a different part of the lake, near a resort area. Bob wanted to swim, so into the lake he jumped. Beth was next, although she climbed slowly into the lake by climbing down the ladder and Sarah was literally right on top of her to get down the ladder. It took Beth a while, but she eventually let go of the boat and clung to Bob or I. Sarah didn't necessarily cling, but she wanted someone holding her. After we convinced them both that their life vest would hold their heads above water and let them float on their backs, Beth especially loved it, swimming free of holding onto someone. I taught her a little about the dogpaddle and before long, she was all over the place, having a wonderful time. Sarah loved lounging on her back and also liked someone holding her and watching all the other boats. After A LOT of coaxing (especially with Sarah, who every time she started up the ladder, scooted right back down into the water!), I finally got the girls out of the water for a snack of fresh strawberries, blueberries and string cheese! And off we went to the next swimming hole for more of the same, then we cruised into the local state park's marina, where they have a really good little dairy bar/cafe. After a fabulous Father's Day dinner of cheeseburgers and fries, off we went back to the ramp where Bob's truck was located. The girls loved it and so did I and I know Bob had a good time. Now that we know the girls do so great, I'm sure it will become a several-times-a-month thing now! Whew! I'm still tired! Oh -and while all these wonderful Kodak moments were surrounding me, I realized I forgot my camera - sorry!

Oh, by the way, the girls are currently at their grandma's house, so Bob and I are kid-free for 2 whole nights! We went to see Indiana Jones last was okay. Not my favorite of the four Indiana Jones movies - it has a weird ending. But it just felt so strange to come home from work without going to pick up the girls, then going to the movies on a Monday night. AND - I got to sleep in this morning! Its so nice to have a break sometimes....


Leia said...

Aww, what a fun day! I miss boating. What kind of a life vest does Sarah have that holds her up? I'd love one for the pool LOL!