Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday A-B-C Lunches

Every since Beth turned three, I've had a weekly ritual of taking her out to lunch, just me and her, every Wednesday. It breaks up her week at Nursery School/Daycare and it allows me to spend some one-on-one time with her. I pick her up after Nursery School, so once a week, she gets to walk outside with all the other kids who go home after school, rather than straight to daycare in the room just across the hall from her nursery school class. She loves it! And honestly, I like it to. She just now starting to really talk to me at lunch and its fun.

So, for over a year (actually, it was going on 18+ months), we ate at one of three places each week - and one of those was McDonalds and the other two are local favorites. I was sick to death of McD's and the others, so in March of this year, I decided we would do A-B-C Lunch each week. The first week, we started with a restaurant that began with the letter A...and so on. We've done Applebee's, Backyard Burgers, Captain D's, Dots, El Bracero , Ferrells, Godfathers, Hot Diggity Dog, (the "I" week was a luncheon at her school - we called it the "I Love You" lunch), Jade Palace, Kentucky Fried Chicken and this week, we did Lic's. We're almost 1/2 the way finished. Next week is "M" and Beth is SOOO excited to get to back to McDonalds! Ugh.

She is having so much fun that she has decided that when we finish this round, she wants to start over again and go to all the places we didn't go the first round.

When Beth starts 1st grade in 2009, she'll be in school all day, so our weekly Wednesday lunches will come to a hault...however, that is when Sarah Katherine will be starting 3-year old Nursery School, so I'll just start with her at that point and continue to do it for her until she starts 1st grade, too. Just my fun little lunch tradition with girls! Wonder if they will remember it when they get older???


Melissa said...

That is SUCH a neat idea! I'm sure she'll always remember it-what a fun tradition with your girls!

Katie said...

That is awesome. What happens when you get to x? I'm sure they will remember it. I ought to start a tradition like that except, I would have to bring both kids and ugh.

Katie & Bob said...

"U", "X" & "Y" are our problem letters. I'm thinking we might make up something and go on a picnic to that place....Beth knows there are no places with those letters, so she knows we may skip them, too. Don't know yet!