Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our New Community Playground

We have a new playground in town and its amazing. It was designed by school children (with some assistance) and all the money was raised and it was built by our city Adult Leadership class as their 2007-08 projects. It rivals anything in any big city and several components of the playground are modeled after our town - the firehouse, the Army base close by, area businesses....its so cool. The girls enjoyed about 45 minutes there this morning before it just got too hot. But take a look -

This is the "big kid" area for ages 5-12. It has 2 big slides, lots of crawl spaces and climbing areas, poles, rope ladders, swinging bridges, hand bars/rings and a rock climbing wall!

This is "Tots" area for kids ages 2-4 and it just as fabulous, although Sarah wanted nothing to do with it because Beth was on the big kid stuff, so was wanted to be, too. Its all just awesome!

COOL, isn't it!?!?!


Lanny said...

Oh my goodness! That is FABULOUS!!!


Leia said...

WOW! Very need parks like that! Enjoy!

Katie said...

That is an awesome playground. We had one very similar (but with more country farm themes) in La Grande. It was always a great place to be.