Friday, July 4, 2008

Rainy Day Fun

We had a rainy afternoon yesterday. While Beth and Bob went to see "Wall-E", Sarah played in our driveway puddles...sometimes in the pouring down rain....and she loved every minute of it!

An action shot:

Check out the DIRTY puddle water -needless to say, we headed to straight to a nice, sudsy bath when she was finished. And yes, the white shorts are still white! The wonders of bleach!!

Discovering that it was raining on her:

Not caring even a little bit that it was pouring down rain on her:

Letting it rain on her face:

Today is the 4th of July and its gray and rainy again. We have evening plans so I hope it at least stops raining. I think our morning pool plans aren't happening.....


Leia said...

Awww, sweet always manage to get into dirty things, all the while remaining perfectly cute. :) Did Beth enjoy the movie? Dh wants to see it ;)