Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dress-Up Clothes- One of my Favorite Things

Most any mom of girls will tell you that their kids LOVE to play dress-up. Mine are no different. We have tons of Princess dresses, tiaras, plastic shoes, wands, hats, scarves, gloves.....

Anyway, we have tons of dresses, mostly Disney princess dresses and mostly very uncomfortable, made of tulle and lace and hard to get on/off. Beth LOVES the way they look, but hates the way they feel on her body. About 2 years ago, I found this little internet site:
...and their dresses are WONDERFUL!! They have just about every Disney Princess (and Barbies, and Fairies and even boy dress-up clothes), and they are wonderfully made. They are super comfortable and they have no velcro, snaps, buttons or anything - its just over the head and its on! Beth had a Princess Belle one and then both she and Sarah got the Cinderalla ones last Christmas. The dress just now fits Sarah and she literally wears it everyday! To eat play outside run around the house in...she loves it! Beth wore her Cinderella one around Disney World and I never heard a single complaint about being uncomfortable (like I was hearing from all the other little girls around us). The dresses run about $7 more than the average Disney Princess dress at Walmart and about the same price as any dress at The Disney Store (or less!) and shipping is free. Moms, I seriously HIGHLY recommend these dress-up dresses over ANYTHING out there!!! Oh - and they wash in the washer beautifully and come out just like brand new!! THAT in itself is worth the extra $7!!

So, if new dress-up clothes are in your future, for a birthday present, Halloween or Christmas, visit the site above before buying one at Wal-Mart or the Disney Store. You won't regret it and your little princess will be much happier and more comfy!!!

FYI - Sarah just barely fits into the size small (1-3 years) and Beth (47" tall) is wearing the size Large (5-7 years).


Michelle said...

Thanks so much! I have been looking for something for my niece for her 4th b-day. She is such a girly girl and I know she will love this.

I found your link to your blog on babycenter (I post very rarely). I'm originally from KY but now live in Alabama.

We've considered moving back, but not able to make it work with jobs, etc. Glad it has worked out for you.

Thanks again,

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