Monday, December 22, 2008

Breakfast with Santa & other things...

We took the girls to a Breakfast with Santa on Saturday. Good times and good food! Both girls cooperated nicely for a picture with Santa and they loved opening their stockings that Santa gave them! After it was all over and done, Sarah just plopped right down by our table (which happened to be by a fireplace), broke open her new crayons and coloing book and tuned out the world and colored happily for a while! I think these are HER first crayons...that belong to only HER...and she is still being a little protective of them!

So, its Christmas week and our plans are in full swing. Bob and I work today and 1/2 day tomorrow. We kick-off the festivities with the big fancy family dinner at mom and dad's house Tuesday evening, Christmas Eve morning back at mom and dad's house to open "immediate" family gifts, Christmas Eve at Bob's mom's house and finally...Christmas morning/day at OUR HOUSE! I LOVE the chaos of running to house to house to house....seeing as much family as possible. Yes, I probably complain about it, but honestly, that is what makes this time of year so fun! The family fun, festivities, craziness and chaos! :-) It wouldn't be Christmas without it.... In fact, last year on Christmas Day, it was super quiet at our house because mom and dad went to Florida on Christmas Day and it was just a "blah" craziness! It didn't feel like Christmas....I'm hoping for more FUN this year! Oh course, with the trampoline making its appearance on Christmas morning, I'm sure it will be a very active day!
We are still tossing around the idea of heading to Destin this weekend and staying through Jan. 3rd or so. Bob has to work next Monday and Tuesday, so IF it all falls into place, I'll go down with the girls, my parents and maybe my brother on Friday or Saturday and Bob will drive down on New Year's Eve to spend 3-4 days with us down there, too. I'm still holding out to see what the weather down there will be next week. I'm also a little concerned on how the girls will do with no water to play in. They CAN play on the beach, but both my girls have a "sand" limit and can only take so much. They can also only take so much of the malls and I'm unsure how else to entertain them at the beach in the dead of winter (60's or so down there, as opposed to 30's and 40's here). PLUS, I feel a little guilty about giving them such a big Christmas gift (trampoline) and then taking them away from it for a week! I'm just not sure what we are doing yet.....Stay tuned!