Friday, December 5, 2008


I'm clueless about what Christmas gifts to get a few people on my list. I need some ideas!

1. Bob's Sister (Sister-in-law #1) - works a lot, in school, married with two kids, travels a lot, not very girly
2. Bryan (my brother) - newly married, new house, young, attorney (and ALL he has told me is that he wants a Lowe's gift card...that isn't fun!)
3. 5-year old little Angel Tree boy - no specific requests? Whats a good idea?
4. My almost 87 year old grandmother....??????


Melissa said...

Let's's late and I can't think creatively about all of them, but here are a few suggestions!

the 5 year old boys-Ethan loves building stuff- Legos, wooden blocks, etc. He loves games-especially the little handheld games you plug into the tv. Loves Webkins...I also found some neat things for Ethan. He hasn't seen them before, but he's really into pretend play and building forts and things. They are from a company called Papo and are these really sturdy figurines. They had a pirate set and a knight set at AC Moore with buy 2, get 1 free. So I got Ethan some knights, horses, etc. I know he'll love it!

The 14 year old-do 14 year old girls still love Claires?? I know I used to get my cousin a gift card there and she LOVED it!