Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm a Single Mom (at least for a week!)

Bob is off to different parts of the country for business from now until next Friday (with a brief stop at home for Sunday night). I'm looking for creative things to do with the girls. Last weekend we made cookies and clay ornaments. I'm not opposed to more cookies, but I need other ideas....Tonight is movie night - which means Beth gets to pick out a movie at Blockbuster and we snuggle up in my bed after Sarah goes to bed and watch it. BUT, I need other ideas to keep them (and me) from being stir-crazy and bored on Saturday & Sunday. Next week won't be too bad, as it will be business as usual with school & work and I'll just have to fill an hour or so each night. I may drive them around looking at Christmas lights one night, but that is really a "Family" tradition and I hate to do it without Bob. Any other fun Christmas things I can do with them? My brain is overloaded and I can't think.......


Leia said...

Can you take them bowling? That might be fun!

Daycare crafts we are doing this week: making jingle bell bracelets and necklaces out of green and red pipe cleaner, jingle bells, and pretty beads.

Also making handprint ornaments (just on construction paper) and possibly the famous Rudolph clothes pin decorations.

Another fun one is coloring popsicle sticks and gluing them in a triangle (to represent a Christmas tree) then decorating them with pretty pom poms, glitter, and such. Add a star on top, put a photo of the girls on back, and tie up with a ribbon.

Can my husband go too???!!