Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday Princess

Happy 3rd Birthday Sarah Katherine!!

Today, Sarah Katherine turns 3 years old! Last night we had a small family gathering, which she THOROUGHLY enjoyed! You should have seen her face light up when everyone was singing Happy Birthday (the picture above pretty much captured it!) And then, she FINALLY got to eat of of those pink cupcakes -the only thing she asked for for her birthday!
Where did the time go? Three years gone already!
She had grown and changed SO MUCH over the years. She's consistently been a tiny little firecracker, though! She's still small - about 26 lbs and 36 inches tall, as of a week or so ago! Still very much in size 2T's (for the second summer in a row!) and still tiny size 6 1/2 feet! She's just petite. Probably will always be- her greatgrandmother was only 4'10"! Here's a little photo timeline of her 3 years thus far, starting from her newborn portrait (well, actually, she was 3 weeks old!)

Happy Birthday Princess Sarah!


Lanny said...

Oh my goodness, she's a cutie!

Happy Birthday Sarah Katherine!