Thursday, April 2, 2009

Going it Alone

Bob is on one of his guy fishing trips till late Saturday afternoon. Which means...I'm a single mom for a while...but not long. The girls are headed out of town to Gramma's house tomorrow afternoon! WHICH MEANS - I will have the house to myself for almost 24 hours!! OH MY GOSH!

What on earth am I going to do with myself?

I think I might go to the gym Friday nights. Sounds like a rockin' Friday night, huh? Maybe after I'll watch a chick flick? Seen any good ones lately?

I'm definitely going to to Nashville on Saturday - OpryMills to be exact. Beth desperately needs more spring clothes- shorts and capris to be exact. I need to hit my favorite place for those things- Osh Kosh outlet and Gymboree outlet. Two of my favorite places on earth! And if I have time to go to the Hartstrings, Carters, Strasburg and Keds outlet, I'm going to be exstatic! I love OpryMills....I may actually hit a few places for ME, too! There isn't much I like for ME in OpryMills, though...I wonder if there is an Ann Taylor Loft there? I need to do some research.

Yeah - ME TIME!!!