Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Report

Saturday afternoon was beautiful, thankfully! The girls enjoyed some outside playing before the ROUGH weather rolled in about dinner time! As promised a while back - here are pictures of Beth riding her new bike with no training wheels! And Sarah played on her bike, too, and in her beloved Cozy Coupe and on her favorite jungle gym...out Dogwood tree. One of these days,that branch is going to snap right off!

About 5:00, the storm hit and it hailed for a good 15 minutes straight! We were lucky that none of the tornadoes touched down near us and that Bob's truck was not damaged by the hail. I read somewhere on a weather website that Western KY is now part of the "new" tornado alley. Oh fabulous.....

This is what was left of the hail after the storm. It was about penny/nickel size.

And another big event at our house this weekend - Beth lost her first TOP TOOTH! I was in the 1st Grade when I lost my first top tooth - I remember it! She looks so old! (and snaggletoothed!)


Leia said...

I'm glad you had most of a nice weekend! It started snowing Saturday afternoon here. Only got about an inch, but it was so weird to see so late!