Wednesday, March 4, 2009


As of Today - Wednesday-no one has been sick yet! WOW! Everyone else's kids are getting it, though....maybe the curse of Kids Closet will miss my kids this time?

I shopped this morning -I'll post pictures of my scores tomorrow! I did well with Sarah -I got her approximately 10 dresses...I figure that will be all she will want to wear this summer. I got a few 2-piece LeTop outfits and some shoes....and some adorable purple maryjane Crocs.
Beth...not so great. She's just getting into the big girls sizes and there is less and less cute stuff! She's obsessed with butterflies, so about 75% of the things she got have butterflies on them (and honestly, so do Sarah's!) I also got Beth some new Leapster games that will fit beautifully into Easter eggs! The only toy she picked out was a hot pink boa! YEAH! NO junky toys this time! I had hoped to find some bedding for her...but there was NO full-sized bedding for girls. bummer.....

On a completely unrelated note - after all the terrible ice/wind storms we have had these last few weeks- our roof didn't fare well.....well...after filing an insurance claim, we found out today that the insurance company will pay our claim and we are getting a new roof! YEAAH!!


Leia said...

Yah for good sales and double yah for a free roof!!! :)