Thursday, March 26, 2009


Oh I feel like the worlds worst mommy after writing yesterday that Beth had basically been acting like a demon! There was a reason....
Beth was admitted to the hospital yesterday afternoon for dehydration. I was shocked. We went for a 10-day recheck to make sure her bladder infection was gone and ended up in the hospital for DEHYDRATION? HUH??? The doctor said she was on the verge of being "severely" dehydrated and wanted her on I-V fluid all night. So, we spent the night there. Beth watched more cartoons than should be humanly allowed, played with her bed and was a great little trooper. Hated getting the I-V in and out, though, but who does?

Honestly, she never seemed dehydrated at all. She seemed to be drinking just fine. Eating was another story alltogether, but she had been drinking! She didn't LOOK dehydrated. Her skin looked healthy, she was crying "real" tears.....she was peeing ALL the time. She hadn't had a stomach virus at all...its all still a mystery to me.

But nonetheless...all is well now. She's home. We are tired. Maybe now she'll return to NORMAL!