Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kids Closet Bargains

As always, I post pictures of my good deals from Kids Closet! And as I mentioned in the last post, both my girls are obsessed with butterflies, so that is why you will see so many! I figure why fight it! I spent a total of $169 on everything (so far.)

EDITED TO ADD: I went back and read the post last fall where I posted pictures of the stuff I got during the Fall/Winter Sale. I thought this was quite interesting...and I quote:
"So, I did all my Kids Closet shopping tonight. My total (to date) is $169."
I couldn't do that again if I TRIED! $169 is such an ODD NUMBER to hit two sales in a row! WEIRD!!!

I spent $63 on Beth, $78 if you include the 3 Leapster Games I got to go in her Easter basket. I also saw a UK cheerleader outfit in a size 8, so I went ahead and got that for her, too....for only $5. I also bought her a white dress for Kindy graduation, and another pink dressy-dress, too. But, honestly, I didn't do so well with her on clothing. As she gets bigger, the clothes get less and less cute! I didn't have a lot of choices! I got a few Gymboree things, but most of the shirts/shorts are just play clothes. Thankfully, I hit an awesome Osh Kosh sale and Gymboree Sale in January, so she DOES have spring/summer clothes in her closet that are new. Here's Beth's haul:

I spent $91 on Sarah...probably way more than I needed to. MOST of that was spent on 11 little sundresses- play dresses...and 1 for 4th of July at the beach. Based on her recent behavior, I think the only thing she is going to want to wear this summer will be dresses, so I'm getting prepared! MOST of them are size 3T, which I'm hoping she'll be able to wear by summer. The pants and shorts I stuck with a size 2T. I also got her 4 pairs of shoes, an adorable Florence Eiseman swimsuit and a Disney Princess nightgown, so I'm happy with those purchases, too. I also got two VERY CUTE LeTop outfits that I'm very excited about! One is brand new and the other looks practically unworn. I was lucky that I also found 3-4 Gymboree outfits/dresses still in excellent shape! (Hey Teresa - I think I bought one of Riley's dresses!) So, here is Sarah's haul:


Melissa said...

So cute! I love those little capri outfits with the fish and seahorse! I love consignment shopping-it's like a game for me to see how much money I can save!