Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break

This week is spring break! Yeah! That means we all get to sleep late all week. Okay...well, maybe only to 7:15 for me, but hey- that's later than 6:45 on my usual mornings! Beth slept till 7:45 this a.m. and Sarah till well after 8:00! I guess Gramma wore them out this weekend! Mornings of sleeping late and not rushing around makes for happier girls. We were out the door by 8:45 and on the way to daycare. Mommy doesn't get a spring break...I still had to go to work! It will be a very relaxed week at daycare for the girls and full of fun stuff, so I'm told.

No big plans at all this week....we don't usually go do Destin this week cause the townhouse has always been rented during spring break. Plus, its still not great beach/swimming weather down there, either. We are headed down there in July, for sure, and MAYBE in May, too...not sure yet. We had HOPED to go during Fall break, but the school system moved fall break to a week earlier than ever, and the townhouse is rented that week....bummer......

When spring break is over, Beth will only have 6 more weeks of Kindergarten! AUGH! Then she will officially be a FIRST GRADER!! (which reminds me, her other front tooth is going to fall out anyday now!! Then she will REALLY look old!)
UPDATE - Tuesday, April 7th- yep, other top tooth came out tonight! She looks so old!!


Melissa said...

Yeah, this week would not have been fun here-it's cold!

Can you send me your email address again? I never added you to my blog list!