Sunday, March 16, 2008

Birthday Princess

Beth turned 5 today. Its weird- I have a FIVE YEAR OLD now. Five seems so "real" to me. I guess because I have REAL memories of being five. Five is when she starts Kindergarten. Five seems so grown up all of a sudden. I can't believe its been FIVE years since she was born. Wow.

Beth had her Birthday Princess Tea Party today and it went so well. I think all 7 other little girls had a great time and they looked adorable. And out of respect for their parents, I won't be posting party pictures with anyone other than Beth in them. I'm not sure how those parents would feel about me putting up pictures of their kids on my blog, so I'll just steer clear and keep the pictures simply about Beth.

This was just before the party - telling me she is now FIVE. You can see the royal table set in the background, as well as the castle they spent a lot of time coloring. It was GREAT!!

This is Beth's cookie cake. She isn't too keen on cake, so she wanted a big cookie. Her daddy decorated it, may I add! I think we have the next Ace of Cakes on our hands...

And this is just after she opened her very first EVER Barbie. I told her she had to be five. So this was the year of the Barbie. She got four of them...and a Barbie car. Whew!
Happy 5th Birthday Beth!


Mama E said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

What a fun party!!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Beth! Such a pretty girl!