Monday, March 24, 2008


Well...our news....Bob quit his job. Yep - he's done. No longer EMPLOYED.
Its a long saga of a story...with ups and downs (and WAY more downs than ups lately), but it basically came down to the fact that he was purely MISERABLE and hated his job.

For 10 years (actually 12), Bob has said he wants to start his own Safety Consulting Company. That was his "10 year plan" when he graduated in 1998. In 2002, he started a small company in Indiana, to service 1-2 clients, on the side, from his full-time job. It was basically his "play" money - his boat money, his fishing money, the Disney trip money, etc....He's had the same client for 5 years and in January, they told him they just couldn't afford it anymore. Its not a bad thing. We REALLY needed to wrap up all the Indiana business (since we've lived in KY for 3 years!), plus the guy he had working for him in Indy found a new job and was moving, so it all worked out. Well, now that the Indiana business is wrapped, he wants to seriously give this a go in Kentucky. Granted, it wasn't perfect timing and it didn't all "go down" as we had hoped, but regardless, we are HERE now and dealing with it. He has a list of contacts to call and several appointments already set. Unfortunately, his "weak" side is the SELL, so he is a little scared about making all the initial sales calls to get clients - and FIVE full-time clients is all we need for a while. But, convincing 5 business owners in this area to spend $20K a year on safety is a hard job. I do think he can do it- he REALLY believes in this company and he is really what he wants to do. Isn't it Oprah that says to be truly happy in a career, you need to do what you love? I think getting back to basics (just safety) is what Bob loves to do and working for himself is his DREAM. It will be a hard, hard road in the SHORT TERM and we know that, but I think the long-term looks good.

Are we scared? Absolutely!
Are we nervous - you bet your butt!

My main worries include...oh, you know - INCOME! And Health Insurance. EEK!

We're looking into small business loans or a financial backer...we have a few avenues to explore.

The good news is that it is a relatively LOW COST business to start with no overhead. Granted, as time goes by, the expenses will mount for things like continued education for him, additional supplies, etc, but for now, there isn't much in start-up. We're lucky that he already has the business SET-UP legally, so he can jump right in to obtaining clients!

Hey - know any business/contractor/company/factory in this area that needs a PART-TIME safety guy??


Katie said...

Change is hard. But in the end everything always works out. Good luck to you and your family! Lots of love, Katie