Thursday, March 27, 2008


Easter was very different around here this year. I think because it was so early. I just didn't get "into it" like I usually do. Thankfully, I already had things for Easter baskets and eggs that I've had since LAST summer, put away for this year. In each basket, each girl got a new pair of Princess PJ's, a new Disney bathing suit, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a book, a "gourmet" sucker...and I think that is it. Eggs were filled with new Jizbitz (sp?) for Beth's Crocs, jellybeans, YoGos, and stickers. Each girls hunts for different colored eggs, so that is how I kept those things separate. Then it was off to Church by 8:35! Whew! We had a low-key Easter dinner later at mom and dad's house and that was pretty much it. Its just too early for Easter (even though it was WARMER this year than last year- remember that awful cold snap in April?).

Here are a FEW Easter pics- Although I took over FORTY pictures on Easter morning, not very many came out great. Oh well!

This next one is outside before Church, all dressed up - again, not something I even thought about prior to 30 minutes before Church- EASTER DRESSES or white shoes!! OOPS! Thank goodness I bought some Spring shoes during the Darling Shoes internet blow-out in January! Beth's dress is from last year-but it was the only spring/summer dress with SLEEVES in her whole closet that fit- the rest are sundresses!! I wish the trees had been in bloom - ALL my Easter pic's of the girls, so far, have the blooming Dogwoods in the background, but not this year. Oh well!
COME ON SPRING! Our household really needs a little pick-me-up right now!!


Leia said...

They always look so cute in their Easter dresses! You always get great deals on stuff - and I love that you put it away so far ahead of time! I aspire to be more like you!!!