Sunday, March 30, 2008

I blinked and the weekend is over!

We had a CRAZY busy weekend! Saturday, Bob and Beth had Dad's Day at Nursery school and from what I understand, it was a jam packed hour full of coloring/painting, games and activies. I had a bridal shower for Erin and Bryan and while I was at the shower, Bob took both girls to his mom's house for the rest of the weekend. We spent the afternoon visiting with some dear friends visiting from Birmingham and then we all went to a Pig Roast Party for Bryan and Erin and we were the for about 3 1/2 hours. The rest of the night was spent just hanging out. I had my first glass of wine in a LONG time and now I remember why I hate wine! Yuck!! This morning we enjoyed not being awoken by the kids at 6:30 and we slept till 8:30! We went to late Church at 11:00, had lunch with mom, dad and Bryan, then headed to Bob's mom's house to get the kids and visit some friends in that town. We got back here around dinner and we are all kinda decompressing and chilling!

Bob spent all week working on the consulting business and has another jam packed week of networking and meetings. I hope we get our first client soon!! He also ordered his Laptap yesterday, so that is a happy! Its really REAL!

I'm tired just THINKING about our life right now...


Leia said...

I think it's great that things are looking up for your family! :)