Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 4

I'm on Day 4 of Weight Watchers...I made it through my first weigh-in and discovered I need to lose between 20-25 lbs, so I'm setting my goal at 22 lbs! Random, but I figure if I get to that point, what is another 2-3 lbs, right? The "healthy weight" range for my height is 124-155. I'm at the very tip top of that range, but REALLY want to be in the bottom range! I've got to get a move on and decide on a work-out/toning DVD. I'm torn between "Crunchless Abs" and "The Bender Ball" DVD's.

I'm leaning towards the Bender Ball because there are work-outs included with the package that aren't just for my abs...which are the MAIN thing I need to concentrate on...but I'll need to be toning other areas, too. I need to find my free-weights, too....if I kept them! They were great for arm and back toning!!



Katie said...

I am a 100% advocate and all around pusher of BreakThrough Pilates. Two mothers and some free weights. It's about 45 minutes including easy warmup. Start with light weight and move up once it's too easy. It is the ulitimate body sculpting workout and works. HTH! and Good Luck!

Michelle said...

My absolute favorite is Jillian Micahel's The Biggest Winner Set-- it's a 5 DVD set and the workouts are 30 mins or less. They are kick butt. has the set for $18. I typically pick one and do it Sun and Tues and then rotate the next week to a new DVD. That is in addition to my other workouts. I'm not too familiar with the two you mentioned.