Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day 2009!

We went to OpryMills today - for me to do a little outlet shopping (new Gymboree outlet!) and to eat lunch at Rainforest Cafe and for the girls to pet the stingrays at the Aquarium. I found some great deals on stuff for next winter at Gymboree and a few things at the Disney outlet, and some darn cute stuff at Carters that wasn't on clearance, but I bought it anyway! I got each girl a Disney T-shirt, Disney sunglasses and an ADORABLE Carter's nightgown for their Easter baskets! Here are some pictures from Rainforest Cafe -

And Beth took these two pictures of the things around our table:

The afternoon was spent listening to two cranky girls who missed their naps, putting away most of the Christmas decorations (the tree still remains!), and cooking dinner...which didn't turn out so well, but oh well!

I start Weight Watchers on Monday. My goal is 25lbs by June 30. That is roughly 4 lbs a month...absolutely obtainable...if I stick to it! I've GOT to figure out an excercise program, though.... 2008 was a rough year and I think I did a lot of stress eating...I gained lots of weight this year...I don't like looking or feeling this way. So, I'll go for round FOUR with Weight Watchers it is!!