Tuesday, January 13, 2009


A few updates:
1) I lost 2.8 lbs this week on Weight Watchers. Yeah Me! Bob lost 6! Men......

2) Bailey, the dog is doing better - the pain meds seem to be very helpful and she is back to her old playful self! She also had her teeth cleaned last week and it seemed to help her bad breath dramatically! Hehehe!

3) Sarah is still plugging along with pottytraining. MOST days we go accident free or only have 1 accident. She seems to be doing better about TELLING me when she needs to go, but we are so NOT THERE yet! But...hey...I haven't had to buy Pull-Ups since a week or so before Christmas, so that is $15 I get to keep every other week!

4) I know I haven't updated about Bob's company in FOREVER! Sorry. Things are going pretty well! He keeps a busy schedule and is traveling more than he thought...but he goes where his clients need him to go. He'd like to pick up a few more clients, but who wouldn't?!?! AND, we don't know the full extent of damages that taxes will do, yet, either. Errr... But otherwise, his company has done very well from June-December. Things seem to be on track for a good 2009, barring any big clients pulling out. Its always scary, but believe me, I think, especially for Bob, its very gratifying to have that control over your own life. Its been NICE.

Did I forget anything?