Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good News and Not-so-good News

Good News: Sarah is on day 5 of wearing big girl panties! Only a few accidents, but overall, she is doing great!!! She is still in that stage where she just gets so busy that she "forgets" and that is okay. We've been trying to potty train for several months, but life gets busy and I'll forget or Bob will forget and it just wasn't working. SO, we made the commitment that over Christmas break, we'd nip this problem in the bud, be diligent and get the job done! And really...she is doing great! She's not 100% yet- she's not at the point where she'll take herself to the potty when she needs to go...but we're getting there. One day at a time! I really, really, really want her 100% potty-trained (including naptime) by May so she can go "upstairs" in daycare and spend the summer in the same class as Beth.

Not-so-good News: After a few days of watching our labrador retriever, Bailey, hobble around, I took her to the vet yesterday. $225 later for X-rays, pain meds, a cordizone shot and more, it was determined that she has bone spurs on her backbone and some kind of degenerative disease in the spaces between her backbone disks. (thankfully, nothing wrong with her hips, as Labs are very prone to!) She is super hypoallergenic to all kinds of things, so it really limits how we treat her. Pretty much, our only option is pain medication. The vet said that a lot of times these things fix themselves, so we're taking a wait-and-see approach. Pain meds everyday for 3 weeks, then on an as-need basis. She will be 9 years old tomorrow - New Years Eve. She's our Y-2K baby - born Dec. 31, 1999. She DID seem to be moving better this morning - but does appear to still be in some sort of medicine fog! (been there, done that!)


Leia said...

YEAH SARAH!!!! Any secrets to share? Arabella's doing really well with it, but I'd like to be done!

I'm sorry about your doggie! SO, will you treat with pain meds and hope all goes well? The vet bill stinks....

Katie and Bob said...

No secrets....Sarah is actually really behind. She'll be THREE in April! I think the Dora Snow Princess panties did trick, though...she really wants to wear them! One accident at daycare yesterday. They said they got busy and just "forgot" to tell her to go potty. Gee...thanks the help gang!

Lanny said...

Way to go Sarah!

Sorry about your dog! Ours is super duper allergic too, so I understand how difficult treatment is.:( I hope she is feeling better soon and the problem fixes itself!