Monday, February 23, 2009

A cautionary tale...

If you use the same password for all your different online accounts...don't. Change them. Now.

I used the same password for all my accounts, until about 3 weeks ago when my Paypal and Ebay account were "compromised". $825 stolen from my Paypal account...which was linked to my checking account. I was able to get the money back, but it was a PAIN! A friend has had her account severly compromised, which has pretty much led to identity theft. She had the same password for 10+ years.

Moral of the story - use SEVERAL different passwords on all your different accounts. Make your Paypal one different from your Ebay password and a whole different one for your email, too. If you bank online, make sure that password is different from your email password, too.

Ugh....its just such a frustrating situation!


Lanny said...

Thanks! I'm guilty of using the same password. I can't remember too many, but I guess I'll have to.