Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here we go again...

Kids Closet consignment sale starts in 10 days...thus the chaos begins! March 1-8 will be a little nuts, but a lot of work goes into it before the sale even starts. I've been dealing with newspapers/radio stations for a few days and that is all done, thankfully. Now, I'm dealing with a new aspect of the sale...and "after" sale, you could call it. We just always have so MUCH stuff left over after the sale concludes that our consigners designate as "donate" if the items doesn't they don't have to come back and pick it up and fool with the stuff again. So, this year we are working with the local elementary schools Family Resource Centers to designate families in need and we will offer them a "private" shopping event. Its just going to be all the leftover clothes that didn't sell that were marked for "donate." All the items will be FREE to these families. The planning process is going relatively smoothly...I hope the "sale" does, too.

I'm personally excited about the Sale, too. Beth has grown so much AGAIN this year. Thank goodness we are almost done with cold weather because her pants and long sleeve shirts are getting too small! I'll probably have to buy her a few pairs of jeans just to get through spring, too!She's' not even 6 yet and already very much in a size 7!! Sarah...bless her heart will still be able to wear most all her 2T clothes from last summer, although she will turn 3 in April....she's such a little squirt!

On a completely unrelated note - I've lost 9 lbs with Weight Watchers thus far....13 more to go!


Melissa said...

I'm getting ready to consign for the first time at a big sale that starts the 28th. So I have to get in gear this week and start marking them! We're in the same boat with Trey-he is outgrowing ALL his pants! I think he has about 3 or 4 pairs that fit! I just want him to make it to spring! So I'm going to sell all his old pants-I know they'll all sell bc they're in great shape and it's hard to find boy stuff anyway at consignment sales usually!

Good luck!!