Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Circus

A few weeks ago my mom and dad offered to take the girls (and me) to the Circus one Saturday that Bob had to work. It was an adventure, complete with Sarah getting sick just as we pulled into downtown Nashville. Oh joy - talk about a 3-ring circus of our own! Everyone was scrambling to find towels, wipes, anything plastic, new clothes for was a tad chaotic! We made the decision to continue on to the Circus, in hopes that Sarah's "sickness" was a one-time thing, and thankfully, it was!

It was the Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey "Over The Top" Circus (and believe me, it WAS over-the-top, especially the prices! Heck, the cotton candy alone costs $12! Thanks Dad!) Anyway - both girl enjoyed the show, Beth more than Sarah. However, Sarah is still talking abou the Tigers!

And the very annoying pink twirly toy that Beth HAD to have...they had to share it. What an adventure!