Monday, February 2, 2009

Movie Review - FIREPROOF

Bob and I watched "Fireproof" on Saturday night. I had heard good things about it and now that it is finally out on DVD, I thought what the heck. After going to FOUR places to try to rent it (it was completely cleared out everywhere!), I finally just bought the movie, thinking I could share it with my friends and/or Church. I had been pre-warned that it was a low-budget movie (i.e. bad acting), but it had Kirk Cameron in it! (yay!) After we were able to get past the acting, and listened and watched the movie, it was amazing. I LOVED the message on marriage. WOW! I think everyone that is married should see it, no matter the status of your marriage - good or bad. Everyone needs a reminder about what is is REALLY important.... I'm a big believer that a marriage needs to be faith based with God as a foundation. This movie touched me....I cried a lot...and it really made me think, too! I'm thinking about reading "The Love Dare" just out of curiousity!

So, go rent it. Netflix it, whatever.....I have it, it you want to borrow it!! Just watch it!