Friday, February 13, 2009

Walk Like An Egyptian

One of Beth's school projects is a month long study of foreign countries. Each student gets a "passport" and each day, they visit a new country and learn about it and some days, have a snack coordinating with that country, etc.... The culmination of the month long study is a program the children put on for their parents. Each child chooses a country they want to represent. Along with dressing the part, each child (i.e the child's parents!) have to decorate a table with items/pictures/foods from that country. Beth chose Egypt...mainly because that would mean she could wear cool gold sandals as part of her costume!

So, yesterday was the program and she had a lot of fun! She really enjoyed going from table to table tasting all the different foods...which was kinda neat! Here she is during the procession of countries and saying her part: "Shalom. My name is Cleopatra. My country is Egypt. There are many mummies buried in the pyramids all around Egypt"

Here she is by her Egypt table...its a big old palm leaf (straight from Florida, but hey, there are palm trees in Egypt, too!), pictures and books, a sugar cube model of a pyramid, a Barbie wrapped up like a mummy in a "tomb", a wooden crocodile and her food- pita bread, dates and watermelon (yes, watermelon - originally grown in Egypt!)

Here is the whole class...its not a great picture, but I think all the kids in their different countries' costumes were so cute!!