Monday, June 1, 2009

Destin Days 4 & 5

Days 4 and 5 were pretty...and long days, so I never got the chance to blog from the beach. Tuesday was beautiful and our last full day there. The girls continued to have fun on the beach and it was date night for Bob and me. We went to dinner and then to see Angels & Demons, which we enjoyed! We also made a quick stop at Books-A-Million to get a cool workbook called "Summer Bridge K-1" for Beth for this summer - to keep her sharp! :-)


Sarah & Bob on middle deck. She was sick of the beach after about 30 minutes!

After nap, they were both sick of the water and opted for building sandcastles with Dandaddy.

Tuesday night - date night!

Wednesday we decided to go ahead and leave a little earlier than originally planned (Thursday moning). The girls were tired and Beth flat out refused to go to the beach. After a full morning on the beach with Sarah and packing, the girls were exhausted. We packed up and left after naps and drove over 1/2 way home and finished the trip home on Thursday morning. It was a nice trip! When we go back in July, I think we need to come up with something other than the beach for the girls to do about Tues/Wednesday, which is when they both seemed to get bored with the beach. OH - we also saw a dolphin on Wednesday morning - VERY close to us! Sarah even saw it because it was so close to us and she was SO thrilled!!


Leia said...

Great photo of you and Bob! :)

WOW - very cool that you saw a dolphin that close! We've seen them when we were on jet skis, but that was quite a ways off shore. How awesome!