Monday, June 29, 2009

Mommy, which way is Ferda?

EVERYTIME Sarah gets in van and we get moving, she says, "Mommy, which way is Ferda?" (for those of you without toddlers/preschoolers who cannot pronouce "L's" yet - Ferda is FLORIDA) Its so dang cute! And each time I try to point south and say "that way" and she says something like "are we going NOW?" or "only 2 more minutes?" or "5 more days mommy?" She has ZERO concept of time, which is normal for this age. She knows we are getting ready to go back because we've been talking about it and she has been so chatty about it! Today she asked "are the big waves in Ferda?" I said maybe (because really...we never know!). She said "can I jump in the big waves?" I said "of course!" She said "can I wide (ie: ride) in the big waves?" I said "of course" and she says with a huge giggle "that will be so fun!" and then a big pause and very seriously...."but mommy, the water taste yucky when I get it in my mouth." I told her to just spit it out when it gets in her mouth and she promptly says "but mommy, you don't let me spit!"
And I'm back to trying to explain the difference in "intentional" spitting, which is NOT allowed, and spitting yucky water out of her mouth....again....concept completely lost! She continued to chat on and on about the sand and waves and crabs and seagulls...she's excited! So am I!!