Monday, June 1, 2009

Party weekend!

A friend of the family got remarried this weekend and it was just a 48-hour party. Friday night we had a "tailgate" party at mom and dad's house (and I forgot my camera!) and it was a LATE night for the girls (9:30 bedtime, I think) and Saturday morning everyone slept late, I went for a jog, did laundry and then the girls and I went to play with our friends! (and again, I forgot my camera!) The wedding and reception were that evening and I did get an okay picture of all of us - not wonderful, but it will do! The evening went till 8:30 for the girls, 10:30 for me. I'm told the "young crowd" was there till 1 a.m. - I just cannot do that anymore! We are all tired and ready for a NORMAL WEEK!!