Monday, June 8, 2009

The Minivan saga is finally over!! NEW VAN!!

YEAH!! I finally got a "new-to-me" minivan! After almost 2-years of going back and forth on whether to get one, then deciding yes, then figure out which ONE I trying to find THAT particular van....I finally got one. I just didn't get "THAT" van. After a 5th very frustrating week with Toyota of our town and working with them to try to find the perfect Sienna for me, it just wasn't working. I was tired of looking on and every day...and talking with Toyota 2-3 times a week, SOOO....on Saturday, I starting browsing Honda dealers' websites in our area for an Odyssey. Within an hour, I found pretty much exactly what I wanted. It was a year "older" than what I originally was looking for, however, it was several thousand dollars! After doing some scrambling for childcare and getting to Nashville in record time, we test drove it, then started the horrible process of price negotiation. All-in-all, we "won" the negotiations and now I'm wondering if perhaps we couldn't have talked them even lower, but what is done is done.

Its a "slate" (dark gray/dark blue) color 2005 Honda Odyssey EX-L with tan leather interior, DVD and Navigation. The girls are totally in love with it! Its going to be SO nice. I'm sure I'll get sticker shock the first time at the gas pump. The gas tank is almost 20 gallons, whereas my Sebring only had 12 gallon tank!
SO, I'm now a minivan mom and I'm 100% excited about it!! Now, I just need a "my kids on the honor roll" bumper sticker and I'm all set! :-)
Edited to add: my Insurance went DOWN $14 per month! The Odyssey has a higher "safety" rating than my Sebring did. YEAH!!


Emily said...

It's very nice!!!!! I like that color, too.

Toyota is tricky because they have about a million different packages vs. Honda's LX, EX, EX-L! It's harder to find the options you want.

Lanny said...

Yea! It looks/sounds great! Congrats! :)