Thursday, June 4, 2009

Teacher woes.

Monday afternoon, the Director of the Kindergarten/Nursery School where Beth went to last year...and Sarah will begin next year...and where I am Chairman of the Advisory Council called me. The Kindergarten teacher (Beth's teacher last year) had just resigned to take a full-time job at a private school where her son would be attending next year (and where Beth will be going next year, too). I was very surprised, but not shocked. I would have probably done the same thing - she will be getting "free" tuition for her children, which is awesome! SO, I will be spending the summer searching for and sitting in on interviews with new Kindergarten teacher prospects. Yeah! I'm pretty sure whoever we hire won't hold a candle to the one that just resigned. If she stays at this private school for at least 3 more years...we will probably send Sarah there for Kindergarten. But, we'll just have to wait and see...

So, in the midth of all this hoopla, I found out yesterday that Beth's first grade teacher she was supposed to have next year, resigned. Ugh. I was devastated. Beth was devastated. She was incredible. Beth loved her already after only meeting her 2 times. They have already hired someone to replace her, but I have not a clue who she is. I guess we'll meet her at the open house before school starts. Its not a comforting feeling not knowing the person who will be teaching you child next year. I feel a tad stressed!