Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hello 2008! Back to normal....

Our New Years Eve was completely uneventful, just the way I like it. Bob and I took advantage of daycare being open. We dropped the girls off that morning and then we headed to Nashville for a little shopping and time together. It was nice. I, of course, ended up getting more stuff for the girls then for me, but oh well! Hartstrings had a great sale, what can I say! We ate at Tony Romas, which was yummy...spicy, but yummy! We picked up the girls around 4:30 and watched the last half of the Music City Bowl....YEAH UK WILDCATS! We had casserole for dinner and everyone went to bed at normal times. No big parties here. No kisses at midnight....hum..... New Years Day was spent cleaning and orgazining our bedroom closets and getting stuff ready for Kids Closet coming up in February! Sounds fun, huh? I bet Bob got rid of HALF the things in his closet/drawers that he hasn't worn in a WHILE. I need to call a consignment store....there are far too many nice things in his "give away" pile to go to Goodwill.

I hate to say I'm thankful that the holidays are over, because I'm NOT, but I like the fact that everything will return to "normal" now. Normal schedules, normal school hours, normal FOOD and normal clothes! I've packed away all the Christmas clothing and put them in the top of my closet, mainly because Beth still wanted to wear her "I LOVE SANTA" shirt....eerrr..... Nursery School started back today and Gymnastics starts back today (THANK GOODNESS!). Although its been nice to have two 4-day weekends back-to-back, I think we were all starting to drive each other crazy being stuck in the house together! :-)

I am also back to not eating like crap all day long, like I did the month of December. When all you have surrounding you for a month are cookies, candy, rich foods, chips/dips, etc....its hard to NOT gain 5 lbs or so...and I did. I'm trying to get into my "healthy" routine again and MAY start counting WW points next week. I need to lose 10 lbs (don't we all?). The problem with starting to acutally count points NOW is that in 3 weeks we leave for Disney and I REFUSE to do that while on vacation. I think I'll just focus on portions, drinking more water, not snacking on things I know I shouldn't be eating......we'll see how that goes for a while!

Speaking of the Disney trip...we leave in 22 days! WOO HOO! Bob and I are kicking around the idea of not telling Beth until we GET TO ORLANDO! What do you think? We would just tell her that we are taking her on a trip and leave it at that till be got to Florida! Or, we are thinking of telling her a few days before we leave, so she has time to be excited and talk to her friends, and we have time to prepare her for the experience, etc....I think there is a little bit of magic either way. I think there are pros/cons to both, too. The more I think about it, the more I'm leaning towards NOT telling her till be get there!!! FUN!

Happy New Year Everyone! May 2008 be filled with lots of Great things for you & your family!! :-)


Leia said...

Happy New Year! LOVE the new blog layout Katie! HOW did you do that???

Katie & Bob said...

Hey Leia - I "googled" for FREE BLOGGER TEMPLATES and used this one:
It was very simple and easy to follow their directions and VIOLA- new template! They had some neat holiday ones I may use, too!