Thursday, January 24, 2008

TOODLES! (insert - me waving good-bye!)

We're outa here at the crack of dawn tomorrow! I WAS packed and ready and then Orlando had to go and change their forecast to MUCH cooler than originally anticpated, so I'll be RE-PACKING this afternoon. Oh well- 69 degrees is STILL warmer than the 17 degrees outside right now in our little part of KY.

We told Beth yesterday - not quite the overjoyed reaction I had been dreaming of, but nevertheless, she IS very excited. The BIGGEST reaction she had was when my parents came over to talk to her about it last night! You would have thought she was telling them she was getting to go to the moon, although I'm sure the moon would be no where near as exciting as Disney World! She is super excited about seeing the Wishes Fireworks at Magic Kingdom. And strangely VERY EXCITED about hugging Goofy at dinner tomorrow night. Really? Goofy? Hum... (truth is....I am too!!!) And she is thrilled at the idea of meeting the "real" princesses!!

I bought a new memory card for my camera. My old card only held about 50-60 photos and I don't think that will cut it at WDW. I'll be bombarding you all with an overload of pic's when we get back! YEAH!!